Okay, so I’m the kind of person that needs to have multiple projects at one time to keep boredom at bay. I tend to wander in my mind, I have many interests in pretty much every genre, and I’m buried with ideas. I like to write down the plots to ideas or character outlines on sticky notes and notepads, but there are a few things that are prime rib that I keep bouncing to more often than the rest. I’ve been fleshing out some fiction;a western novel, a zombpocalypse novel, a short story about a corrections officer, and a Pincher Martin style of after life novel. I’ve also been doing research on Scythians. I plan to write some non-fiction about them.

I’m going to post some stuff I’ve written later on today. I tend to write a lot of little things too that I’ll just be posting. I’m thinking of implementing the short story poll contest sooner than later as I’ll have some free time for a couple of weeks.

Okay I’m done rambling.

The end